TT-Swap (TTS)
Airdrop Program

About Token

TT-SWAP is the best for Holder

We are a team of DeFi builders in Asia who wants to build an ecosystem of DeFi products that helps traditional finance users to access to DeFi services much easier.

Outstanding Features

TTS Token trading platform - Developed by a technology company with a professional team and experienced experts in the field of Blockchain technology, Especially with leading artificial intelligence technology top of the world


Supported on big exchanges DeFi and NFT exchanges


Liquidity and fast transaction speed


Low transaction costs


Farming automatically up to 8%/month, 30% of transaction fees are allocated to Holders in DeFi fund - BNB


100% account security


Holders can use TTS to vote for governance proposals to change product parameters





DeFi - NFT


Lock on liquidity


our way

Road Map

Stage 1
Allocating TT Token to the community in the airdrop program and registering members at website, In 24 hours, all users with TT, will be returned to the Tronlink wallet, users Self-Governance
Stage 2
Continue to allocate and swap from Tiktok Token ERC-20 to TT TRC20 during the 1 week, period ending April 11th, and pre-sell TT Token, rewards are available for each community connecter.
Stage 3
Application to the ecosystem, free trade transactions, community connection, Sell TT-Swap Token through Lucky Buy Round program. Apply the new price increase formula, calculated according to the preset time.
Stage 4
Change and Swap, Convert from TRC20 to Binance Smart Chain Network (Bep20). Airdrop again to attract new community, with the amount of TTS new platform still left undistributed. List TT-Swap TTS (Bep20) on Pancakeswap and other exchanges in December 2021

Token Distribution




Fund Reserve


Buy Tokens


Frequency Asked Questions

  • 1. Wallet Support ?

    Currently, We only support Metamask on PC and Trust Wallet on smartphones

  • 2. How do I calculate my BNB reward each time of claim?

    You can claim your BNB amount equivalently base on the ratio of your holding TTS token. For example, if you hold 10% of total TTS tokens, and it has 1,000 BNB in the pool, you will get 10%*1,000 = 100 BNB out of the BNB reward pool.

  • 3. What is the BNB pool of TTS SYSTEM?

    30% of buy, sell, or transfer transactions will be directly distributed to all TTS holders in BNB by users' wallet address based on the TTS ratio you hold.

  • 4. What about ecosystem of TTS?

    Conclude DeFi exchange, NFT Product, Staking, Farming, Game DeFi, Game NFT, E-commerce etc

  • 5. When can I claim my BNB?

    There are specific times you can claim depending on the following factors. In the first seven days after TTS was listed on Pancake Swap or other exchanges, the collection time is every 24 hours. Be aware that if you purchase a more than eligible amount of TTS TOKEN, your collection time will be moved back. And if you sell all your TTS and buy back in, your collection date will be pushed years out into the future. This is not a bug. It's a feature that helps scalping prevention.

  • 6. How can I staking my TTS?

    After listing, you can sell TTS anytimes or joining staking program at website with profit from 5 % to 8% per month, specially profit paided by TTS TOKEN

    Several factors impact on BNB claim amount. Reasons are following:
    1. The amount of BNB reward pool is distributed based on percentage. The more BNB is in the reward pool, the more you can claim. However, it is ALWAYS based on percentage. The less there, the less you get. IT IS NOT CUMULATIVE.
    2. The more people claim, the less BNB will be available in the reward pool for others.
    3. There is always existing a cycle before you can collect BNB. The more you make the BNB volume transaction, the more cycle is changed. Be aware of this when you are thinking of selling high to purchase low. (In other words, if the more TTS token is being traded, the more BNB collection will be increased.)

  • 7. How much fee do I have to pay per transaction?

    You will pay about 5% for every purchase or sell or transfer.
    How much tax percentage do I have to pay every time if I claim more than 0.001 BNB?
    You will pay 10% tax for each claim over 0.01 BNB.
    a. 5% is used to buy back TTS at the market price and burn them immediately. This feature helps deflate the supply and increase the price of TTS for long-term TTS holders.
    b. 5% is shared back in BNB to TTS holders.

  • 8. How much fee do I have to pay per transaction?

    You will pay 5% for every purchase or sell or transfer.

  • 9. Overview of TTS Token

    1. Name: TT-Swap Token
    2. Code: TTS
    3. Platform technology: BEP-20
    4. Total supply: 15,700,000,000 TOKEN

  • 10. How Does the TTS Token Work?

    TTS Token greatly enhances the functionality of NFT technology. Thanks to the use of artificial intelligence, TTS Coin is able to incentivize building a next-generation marketplace for Non-Fungible Tokens and various other digital coins and tokens.

    The main technological feature of the NFT TTS Token ecosystem is relegating the underlying infrastructure of the NFT DeFi platform to advanced algorithms powered by advanced smart contracts. However, what distinguishes the TTS Token from other projects is the fact that it is fully based on artificial intelligence - the cutting-edge AI Bot is responsible for making the ecosystem maximally profitable for all members at all time.

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